Major digital freight forwarders Everoad and sennder merge – FreightWaves

Berlin-based digital freight forwarder sennder is merging with Paris-based Everoad. This strategic alliance will make the companies one of the largest digital freight forwarding platforms for trucking in Europe. Both sennder and Everoad have similar technology powering their platforms, and help large enterprise businesses connect with small trucking firms. 

Maxime Legardez, the CEO and founder of Everoad, explained that the company was always looking to continue its expansion across Europe, and was open to consolidate with players that had matching synergies. Legardez was associated with David Nothacker, the CEO and co-founder of sennder, when both the startups were founded a few years ago. 

The companies now command a sizable market share in their respective countries. Consolidation between sennder and Everoad is expected to help the combined company to rapidly scale up operations across neighboring markets. 

“Both our companies have strong R&D and IT teams, which has translated into great features and automation compared to other players,” said Legardez. “With very similar DNA in terms of organization, values and future mindset, this will be a great new chapter for both sennder and Everoad.”

Apart from having a strong presence in Germany and France, the companies also have offices across Italy, Spain, Poland and the Nordic region. Legardez mentioned that the company would continue hiring people in the technology and design segments in France and Germany. 

Currently, the companies complete over 35,000 loads per month combined. sennder and newly formed ‘Everoad by sennder’ have a total of 350 employees, with their combined platform accounting for a network of 10,000 carrier partners and large enterprise customers. The companies have raised a combined €120 million in venture capital investment – with lead investors including Accel and Lakestar. The combined companies seeks to achieve revenues of €1 billion by 2024. 

“Our objective was the same – to create a European industry champion within the freight forwarding and logistics industry. By merging with sennder, we achieved this target and can

also contribute to reducing the environmental impact of the industry. By becoming ‘Everoad by sennder,’ we will share our expertise and experience acquired over more than four years of a pan-European vision,” said Legardez. 

Both companies have been passionate about reducing the carbon footprint associated with road freight movement, which currently accounts for 6% of the European Union’s total CO2 emissions. The companies plan to reduce the deadhead miles related to trucking (roughly 20% of all the miles traveled), by optimizing the capacity allocation and continuing to provide greener services. 

“In the midst of this international crisis caused by COVID-19, road freight has demonstrated its inimitable, strategic role in transporting essential goods. It now makes more sense than ever to join forces and integrate Everoad into the sennder group. In that way, we can jointly invest resources and know how to tackle the new challenges and opportunities emerging out of the crisis,” said Nothacker.

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