Customs Brokerage to and from Italy

Moving internationally is no simple task. In order to get your household goods across the border, you need the help of customs brokerage to and from Italy.

For your international transport needs, take a look at what Freight Italia can do for you.

What is Customs Brokerage?

Each country has its own customs policies and procedures for international shipping. The United States and Italy are no different. Attempting to move your home or business on your own will likely result in a failure to get your goods into the country.

Customs brokerage is where customs brokers assist clients with navigating the various customs procedures. Freight Italia focuses on understanding and adhering to the policies set by United States Customs and the Italian Office of Customs. We’ll help you collect and correctly fill out the various documents, forms, and inventory lists you’ll need. Our service will help you to comply with Customs officers regarding the various taxes, duties, and excises.

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customs brokerage

Freight Italia is Your Customs Liaison

Our job isn’t just to provide you with information. As your customs broker, Freight Italia serves as a liaison between you and all of the involved import/export agencies. By signing with us, you’ll be giving clearance for our most talented agents to serve on your behalf.

We will handle the preparation of your forms and payments after we collect the necessary information regarding you and your business. Our team will make sure that all of your goods satisfy the listing and evaluation demands as dictated by either country. This allows us to prepare and submit accurate information so that there is no incident or hang-ups during transport.

However, Freight Italia doesn’t just help with a few shipments and call it a day. We value your business and seek to establish long-term partnerships with all of our clients. We will utilize our advanced knowledge of customs operations to help you effectively expand your business abroad. Our agents are active in both the U.S. and Italy to help expedite the process and get your goods to new customers in no time.

Avoid Mistakes and Unnecessary Expenses

Though it may be tempting to handle your own imports and exports, chances are high that mistakes will be made with properly classifying goods. Regulations are not static and are subject to change all the time. Even a minor mistake could result in business delays, notable fines, or outright seizure of your items.

The cost of mistakes like these adds up fast and isn’t worth the frustration and hassle. Freight Italia focuses specifically on these two locations to provide you with the most up-to-date, detail-oriented service available. We’ll get you the easiest clearance of shipments available so that you can focus on what matters: making sales.

Customs Brokerage - Freight Italia

Freight Italia is one of the most reliable and affordable logistics service providers in the country. Our experience and expertise give us the advantage of cutting down costs, response times, and delivery times. You need the most efficient customs services available when it comes to your business so that you can meet customer demands and maximize your revenue.

Your shipment status will always be available in real-time via our ATRAC + cargo management system. Duties are handled in-house by our staff, allowing for convenient record-keeping and accountability. We promise effective clearance of your cargo with our U.S. customs approved ABI-EDI Automation system. All of our services are also C-TPAT certified (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism).

To pursue customs brokerage with Freight Italia, start by requesting a free quote from us today! For more information and immediate response, call us at (516) 328-2500 or email us at

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