As a TSA-certified indirect air carrier, we adhere to the highest compliance standards and work tirelessly to ensure we are protecting you.

Employing state-of-the-art technology, we prescreen your shipments to ensure you are not shipping to a denied party or restricted party/country. We regularly train and update our TSA-certified staff to ensure you are protected.

Our ocean and Air Freight coordinators are hazardous material trained and certified.

For Import, Aries Global Logistics is a C-TPAT certified and registered company. In today’s world, this certification is necessary. We can help guide you through the process of C-TPAT certification.

CBP Powerpoint on the benefits of the C-TPAT

C-TPAT information

Ask us about our in-house C-TPAT certification program and how we can help secure your supply chain.

To learn more, visit

TSA Website

BIS Website

Restricted Party and Denied party screening

FMC licensed, bonded and insured

Cargo Insurance

Continuing with our tradition of ensuring our clients are protected, AGL offers full insurance coverage for our clients. In offering warehouse-to-warehouse coverage, you and your customers have the protection throughout the movement of the shipment.

Simply request insurance at the time of booking.