Freight Forwarding to and from Italy

Freight Italia’s extensive global network makes us the superior company for freight forwarding to and from Italy.

In addition to our top-quality customs brokerage service, we offer the international shipping services you need to keep your business on track.

What is Freight Forwarding?

Freight forwarding is when a business or individual handles the transport of your cargo from one location to another. Freight Italia offers the full spectrum of Air Freight products, including Air Consolidation, Daily direct, On-Board Courier, and Aircraft Charter Services.

We have domestic freight services located in all major cities throughout both Italy and the United States. Our team handles everything involved with moving your cargo overseas and through customs without hassle or incident. We work with our network to ensure that you get the fastest, safest shipping methods and the most economical rates available.

Why Should My Business Use Freight Forwarding?

Freight forwarders provide a wide array of logistical services that make handling international freight much easier on you and your business.

Forwarders are deeply familiar with all supply chain solutions. This includes storing and packing your cargo, inventory management, and import/export documentation. Freight Italia can also set you up with a Customs Surety Bond and Marine Insurance so that your cargo and shipments are covered for international transportation.

It’s extremely time-consuming and demanding for you to learn these processes and enact them on your own. Doing so is also likely to result in mistakes, leading to costly delays and decreased customer satisfaction. By trusting the freight forwarding process in the hands of a skilled and knowledgeable carrier, you’ll save money while being assured that your goods are in safe hands.

What Are the Steps in Freight Forwarding?

There are six key steps in successful freight forwarding. It begins with hauling your goods bound for exporting to our warehouse. From there, we’ll work to ensure your cargo receives the proper clearance to leave the country. We’ll ensure that your documentation and paperwork is up to date, and that your shipments fall within Customs laws to pass inspection

From there, the proper authorities clear the paperwork we’ve prepared on your behalf. This allows your shipments to enter the country and head to our import warehouse within the country of destination. Finally, we carry your cargo from our warehouse to your final destination.

Freight Italia’s Specialized Services

Our experienced freight forward division can also supply solutions for the handling of fine art, perishable cargo, pharmaceuticals, fashion logistics, GOH, hi-tech items, hazardous goods, and oversized goods. All of these require additional handling and specific documentation to comply with the latest documentary procedures. With our help, you can rest assured that any cargo will make it to its destination safely and on time.

Freight Forwarding by Freight Italia

Freight Italia is experienced and skilled with full-service freight forwarding. Our broad and reliable network is key in ensuring that your business receives the quickest transport options at the lowest possible prices.

Freight Italia is one of the most comprehensive logistic service providers in the entire nation. Our team is backed by the experience and state-of-the-art technology necessary to ensure that your cargo gets to where it needs to go exactly when you need it to.

To get started with our services, contact us today to request an obligation-free shipping quote! For all other questions and concerns regarding our freight forwarding services, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (516) 328-2500.

freight forwarding to and from Italy