Working in conjunction with Aries Global Logistics "AGL", a U. S. Treasury Department licensed Import customs broker. Freight Italia specializes in effectively clearing your cargo through United States Customs by means of its approved ABI-EDI Automation System. Upon release your cargo will then be dispatched to its final destination.

Shipment status can also been seen in real-time via our ATRAC + cargo management system. Duty Drawbacks are made simple and are done in-house by our staff, providing importers with an easy and convenient source for record keeping and accountability. Our Import Analysts are always available to discuss your particular commodity to conform to the most recent Customs laws and other Agency regulations. Advice and communications from Customs officials facilitate trouble-free entry of your goods at the proper duty rate.

Whether you shipment is destined to your local warehouse or to your customer across the country, out traffic personnel can meet your transportation needs through the fastest and most economical methods available.

All Services are C-TPAT Certified!

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